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EquiDress is CLOSING. 

We will no longer be providing horse laundry to TIEC or blanket cleaning/repairs for the local community as of Sept 30 2018

For any questions/concerns- Contact Shauna directly : 864-979-9334

Frequently Asked Questions


Will EquiDress handle all my bulk laundry?
Yes, are able to handle all bulk laundry needs – towels, saddle pads, wraps, polos, etc etc – If you’re unsure if we can handle your particular needs contact us directly.

Does EquiDress service Tryon International Equestrian Center?
Yes! We have a daily 2pm drop-off/pick up service! Contact us today to get on the list!

Where can I drop off my blankets?
EquiDress has several approved drop-off locations in and around horse country. 

Will EquiDress pickup and deliver my farm’s blankets?
Yes, we offer pick-up and delivery service to clients who have ten or more blankets to send per trip. You can arrange to have them picked up at your farm by contacting us directly.

What forms of payment does EquiDress accept?
We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards.

Does EquiDress service horse show venues in the area?
Yes! We love to help out all of our horse show friends! Contact us directly to have us pick up your items! We have a daily 10am-11am drop-off/pick up service at the Tryon International Equestrian Center

My horse ripped my blanket, is it better to get it repaired or just buy a new one?
Most blankets are able to be repaired, though it does depend on the extent of the damage as to whether it is economical to make the repairs. Once a blanket is dropped-off a general assessment is made. If the blanket is going to cost more than $45 to repair we will contact you to discuss the option or repairing vs. buying a new blanket. Feel free to contact us directly for an estimate.

My blanket needs to be repaired but I don’t want it to have that “patched” look.
All repairs are made using matching fabrics and thread to your blanket.

I need to get my horse’s blankets cleaned but I don’t have anywhere to store them for the summer.
We do offer free storage with pre-payment. Contact us to discuss your options.

My horse’s blanket is a couple years old and is supposed to be waterproof- but it’s leaking. What can I do?
There are different options to revive your blanket back to it’s original state. Contact us directly to review the options available for your blankets as it depends on past care, blanket age, and the blankets current state.